ARVOKAJE Ltd. designs and manufactures 1-10V lighting controllers.

ARVOKAJE Ltd.’s products are used, for example, in ice rinks, and sports halls, and shops, among other places.

All lighting controllers are designed and manufactured by ARVOKAJE Ltd.


Energy economics

It is important to save energy to meet the emission reductions required by international agreements. Naturally, saving energy also saves money. With this in mind, ARVOKAJE Ltd. is involved in developing low-cost and energy-efficient solutions available to everyone.

Ice rinks and sports halls

In ice rinks and sports halls, significant energy savings can be achieved by adjusting lighting as needed. During exercise and sports games, the right lighting level can be adjusted. If the hall has windows, the system will adjust to daylight while reducing the amount of artificial light. Preset lighting levels can also be chosen, for example, by a simple and easy-to-use rotary switch.

Cattle sheds and folds for sheep, poultry houses

In agriculture, lighting of most farm buildings has to be adjusted manually, consuming working time from other activities. For example, in barns and free-running systems, lighting can be fully automatic. The control system may include regional dimming levels in accordance with the time of day, daylight-dependent lighting levels and offline lighting when needed, as well as dedicated lighting for different animals in their folds and milking call lights. In poultry houses, lighting can be programmed for throughout the whole growing season in advance. Our products are compatible with other control systems and can be remote controlled.

Green houses

Green houses can take advantage of our automatic control system to create suitable lighting for plants.

Supermarkets and shops

ARVOKAJE Ltd.’s products can be combined with building automation systems enabling lighting adjustments in supermarkets and shops of all sizes.

Street and yard lighting

If street lighting uses 1-10V control, with our system it can be used at any distance. The voltage losses can be compensated for by utilizing amplifiers. Yard lighting can take advantage of motion sensors by increasing the light intensity if movement is detected.


ARVOKAJE Ltd. has two 1-10V alternatives that can also be delivered readily assembled in boards according to the customer’s wishes.

The modular product series consists of several different DIN-cased units. By using these units, it is possible to create the right combination for any number of lamps.

The logic series is a touch screen system, that can control very complex applications, which can be implemented at a low cost. By using the touch screen, lighting levels can be adjusted according to the time of day, daylight-dependent lighting and offline switching, manual and automatic dimming, remote controls, and so on.

The number of lights is not limited by the product line. Our cabling has no special requirements.